TSURG works with village communities to make village economies vibrant.  Through our watershed and other community activities, villages could transcend their caste and other jati divisions and formed farmers clubs, Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies and Farmers Federations.  Now farmers are no longer dependent on money lenders for their working capital needs and with their collective bargaining power could purchase inputs at lesser price and sell farmer produce at better price.

People participation is pivotal in success of any community development programs. TSURG thus has been encouraging farmers to come together and form farmers clubs mutually aided farmer groups, farmer federations. Farmers club is the vehicle through which all rural activities are carried out. Farmers clubs encourage thrift and became a source of financial security for the community.
TSURG works with farmer groups to improve agricultural practices and yields.  The activities s include various train­ing sessions focusing on horticulture, animal husbandry, vermi-composting, vegetable cultivation, increasing crop productivity, and indigenous seed banks. A special focus is given to promotion of organic farming – to reduce input costs to farmers, to preserve soil health, to produce health giving foods to the society .

Farmers clubs are evenly represented with Women who play significant part in Rural economy. Thrift is encouraged and Farmers clubs are able to meet the working capital needs of member farmers .  Farmers clubs are grouped to form MACS who in turn formed into a Federation. Through Federation,  a fertilizer shop is established in Indravelli  and through which all purchases and sales are routed through.