Promotion Of farmer producer organizations

Indian farmers are unorganized and are unable to realize good value for their produce. In order to face Global competence, to reduce the cost of cultivation, and to double farmer income, the formation of Farmer Producers Organizations is the need of the day, Farmer Producer Organizations will help the farmers groups by way of strengthening farmers capacity through best practices for enhanced Agricultural productivity. Provides access and usage of quality inputs and services for intensive production and enhanced cluster competitiveness. Provides access to fair and remunerative market including linking of producer groups to marketing opportunities through market aggregators.

What We achieved

  • Promoted Organic Cultivation.
  • Promoted Vermi-Compost units.
  • Generated employment to rural youth.
  • Promoted two Farmer Producer Organizations are SEHAMITHA & MAPCO.
  • Established three sales outlets for the sales of Organic Products, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides & Growth Promoters.

Who We Are

TSURG was established during the year 1987, is a nonprofit social service and rural development organization. Aims at Strengthening of Natural Resource Management, Organic Farming, Promotion of Integrated Watershed, Bio Manures and Herbal Extractions. Operating Research and Development projects in agriculture, Vermi Compost, Bio Manures in collaboration with State Government Organizations, like State Horticulture Mission, Tribal Welfare Corporation and Central Government Agencies, Spices Board, KVIC, CAPART and International Agencies like IDH. Promoting sustainable agriculture and other development initiatives.

Natural Resource Management

Organic Farming